1:1 support counsellor gives a much-loved piggyback ride to one of his campers

There are very few groups of people who are more passionate about what they do than camp professionals and frontline staff. When making the intentional move to include children with and without disabilities, that passion becomes your greatest asset to making inclusion work.

Disability will touch most of our lives. In order to understand inclusion, consider the choices, opportunities and acceptance that you would want for yourself or your family. And know that any effort you put into making the world more inclusive for people with disabilities now, may serve you in a very personal way in the future.

We look forward to welcoming counsellors-in-training each year, as they learn best practices regarding inclusion and integration in Ontario, through our professional practice and training.


You’ll challenge yourself: Working at a camp for people with disabilities is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and learn important new skills.

You’ll gain transferable skills: Many counsellors often move into study programs in pre-med, nursing, kinesiology and occupational therapy, as well as recreational therapy, education, social work, and many other fields.

You’ll become a better communicator and a more creative problem-solver: There will always be moments when you’ll have to adapt the way you teach something, or the way you and your camper participate in an activity, in order to meet their needs. Being an efficient and creative problem-solver can benefit you in any future endeavour.

You’ll make invaluable connections: The connections you make with your campers, their families, the camp staff, alumni and community can help open up a lot of other opportunities.

You’ll learn to appreciate and celebrate differences: Everyone talks about appreciating and celebrating differences, but when you’re working with people who have disabilities or special needs you actually get to see and experience the beauty of uniqueness.

Your perspective about the world around you will change: Once you start to see the world from the perspective of someone with a disability, you can’t “unsee” it. With this perspective, you can help educate others, help create change, and continue to be empathic.

People with disabilities and other special needs deserve the best care available, so if you’re a kind person who loves to learn, then share your gifts! Click the Get Involved link below to learn more!

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