2017 Policy Change

Reach for the Rainbow Official Placement Policy: We have made a necessary policy change concerning the placement of children into available programs. We will no longer be offering to hold spots for those who express intent to register later, and we will not be giving priority placement to returning participants over new participants. In addition to conducting our intake on a first-come, first-served basis, this will also apply to our placement process and impacts the revision of other organizational practices. Accordingly this will be reflected in the Reach for the Rainbow program manual, our website and social media channels and our partner contracts. In order to further remove access barriers to registration, Reach will also reserve 10% of program spaces for those who do not have access to technology and need to register via mail post or over the phone.

Reach for the Rainbow works in partnership with organized children's camps and recreational programs across Ontario to provide integrated opportunities for children, youth, and young adults with disabilities

Quick Facts:

Each participant attends with a 1:1 support counsellor. Participants are included in program activities while 1:1 support staff responds to any requirements associated with the disability

  • Partner camps hire & supervise support counsellors, fostering integration, safety, fun and friendship
  • 1:1 support fees go toward the support counsellors’ salary
  • Siblings and friends attend camp and recreational activities together
  • Parents enjoy much-needed respite, knowing that their child is growing and learning in a typical setting, with enriched support
  • Young adults in our program may have the opportunity to “graduate” to a volunteer status at camp while still receiving 1:1 support.



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