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Giving Tuesday

November 27, 2018 - December 25, 2018

 On Tuesday November 27th, REACH will launch its annual
Give the Gift of Inclusion Holiday Campaign on #GivingTuesday

Can you help us spread the word?

Each year, nonprofit organizations rally their supporters for a day of maximum impact.  Following the retail events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday joins individuals together with a singular mission – to rally for causes important to them. A day to think of others.

On #GivingTuesday, November 27, REACH will launch the annual Give the Gift of Inclusion Holiday Campaign.  Over five Tuesdays, ending on Christmas Day, REACH hopes to raise enough funds to support an additional twenty-five families in 2019. Families who face the same challenge to find inclusive recreation and camp opportunities for their children and could use a hand.  New families who will be introduced to the REACH mission – that all children and youth have the opportunity of equal access to inclusive, quality recreation and sport programs, within their own community, regardless of ability.

Can You Help Us?  We are hoping you will join us by sharing your REACH story on social media with your friends and family, a story of what inclusion looks like to you! Be sure to include the hashtags #Give4REACH #GiftofInclusion #GivingTuesday4REACH.

REACH will start their #GivingTuesday social media campaign today.  To ensure you are seeing all our posts, be sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @REACH4Inclusion.  We encourage you to like and share our posts.

Included below is a toolkit that will give some post ideas, key collateral and information to ensure you can tie into the overall REACH campaign.   Let’s work together to add five more REACH families by the end of 2018!!

#GivingTuesday  #GivingTuesday4REACH  #REACH4Inclusion

#GivingTuesday4REACH – TOOLKIT

Remember to post the link to our donation page to ensure that it’s easy for supporters to help. https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/reach-for-the-rainbow-ontario/#donate-now-pane


Post an #UNselfie between now and November 27th

Think about what your REACH connection is.

Are you a REACH family whose child has participated in an inclusive program?  Are you a volunteer that believes in what REACH does and wants to endorse REACH?   Do you believe in integration and inclusion for all?

This is your REACH story.

Now, make your #UNselfie based on this personal experience, story or connection and post on your social media feeds.  This will help to encourage others to support the cause you believe in, bringing us closer to our goal of supporting five more families! That’s five more children who will be involved in recreation or sports programs, allowed to experience the joy of participation and acceptance among their peers, the sheer thrill of belonging.

Print out the REACH #UNselfie Template. (link here).

Examples of what you can write on your UNselfie:

            For GivingTuesday I support REACH because…….

  • I’m A Proud Parent of ___________________
  • as a REACH Program Partner, we know inclusion works
  • REACH removes barriers and supports inclusion
  • as a Volunteer I know the important work REACH does



#GivingTuesday relies on the limitless potential of social media.  Don’t forget to share our posts, tag us in your posts, and use the hashtags:

#GivingTuesday4REACH                                                     #REACH4Inclusion


Continue to post until the end of the campaign on December 25th. Here are some great images that you can use.


Want to share a REACH success story? 

Meet Bridgette.

She loves music, dance, running, swimming and jumping.  A perfect candidate to go away to sleepover summer camp.

Bridgette also has been diagnosed with ASD, which requires her to need personal care assistance.  She is very sensitive to noise, and is non-verbal, communicating mainly through gestures and with devices.

Because REACH is dedicated to ensuring  that all children and youth have equal access to inclusive, quality recreation programs, Bridgette went to summer camp for a week.

She used noise-cancelling headphones to block out the boat’s loud motor.  With the aid of her 1:1 support worker, she swim in a lake, canoed, ran, jumped and danced in the mud with her cabin mates.  She made camp friends because the barriers to communication where removed, replaced with laughter and shared camp experiences.

The next summer, Bridgette went to camp again – for 2 weeks.

This is what inclusion looks like.

Step #5

Want to share some interesting facts?

  • 1 in 7 people in Ontario have a disability. That represents 1.85 million people.  200,000 are children and youth.
  • REACH has serviced over 15,000 children and youth with disabilities across Ontario.
  • REACH has provided over $20,000,000 worth of respite days to families and caregivers of children with disabilities.
  • Every year, REACH places over 555 children and youth in qualified partner programs across the province.

Step #6


  • Year after year, we are appreciative of the training and knowledge REACH provides to the support staff who work with Luke. They are well-versed and totally prepared to provide suitable, top quality support to Luke, which means I never have to worry about Luke for a second.  Without REACH he would never even have had the first camp experience and how his camp experience has evolved into a work experience, wow!
    Your program is a bridge between two worlds.  I wish there were more ‘bridges’ in our society.  It would be so beneficial to those with special needs and those without special needs.  Please don’t ever stop!Diana Pawlak, REACH Parent

Summer 2018 comments from participants of the REACH Youth Leader training sessions:

  • We should stay open minded about barriers for anyone with disabilities. We should strive to find a way around the barriers instead of saying it can not be done.
  • I learned that anyone can do anything. Anything is possible and if it’s a challenge you need to accept it and work through it. Everyone should be equal even if there is something different
  • I learned that we can always find a different way to do thing/communicate with campers.
  • When there is a situation with someone with a disability, we shouldn’t think of the barriers and why they can’t do it. .
  • What you see on the outside of a person shouldn’t be a factor on how you judge them.

Together, we can help to expand REACH’s ability to deliver quality programs and provide a consistent support system to families and their children.

Please plan to join us on #GivingTuesday, November 27 for the kick off of the 2018 REACH #GiftOfInclusion Holiday Campaign! Let’s Do Something BIG Together!! 


November 27, 2018
December 25, 2018


REACH For Inclusion