Q. What is the REACH process for assigning camp placements?
A.  Camp placements are based on a first-come, first-served priority. Family choice, availability of space, gender, age and the needs of the participant are all taken into consideration. Priority  is given to our returning campers, therefore new participants may have fewer options.

Q. What fees should I expect to pay?
A.  There are two separate costs involved with registering a child or youth in a camp or recreational program:

(1) 1:1 support counsellor fee payable to REACH:
1:1 support counsellor fees are set according to REACH’s program delivery partner’s pay scale for their counsellors. These typically range from $75–$100 per day for day camps, and $55–$90 per day for overnight camps. Families often access SSAH or ACSD funding to pay for these extra costs.


(2) Regular camp or recreational program fee payable directly to the program delivery partner after a confirmed REACH program registration:
Families are expected to arrange payment for camp registration fees. If assistance is required, subsidies may be available through individual camps or camp foundations. Additional fees for bus service or extended care hours where available are outlined on camp brochures.
Families need to budget for such costs in their funding requests.

Q. How many weeks can I send my child to camp?
A. REACH coordinates with families up to two weeks of day or overnight camp per participant
(combined maximum: three weeks depending on local availability of 1:1 counsellor support).

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