Program: New Families

There are many benefits for individuals attending camps and community programs through Reach for the Rainbow:

  • Building confidence & self-esteem
  • Developing new skills
  • Learning about cooperation and how to compromise
  • Making friendships
  • Opportunities to participate & contribute regardless of skill level

Also check out Reach for the Rainbow’s Scrapbook for Pictures, Parent Testimonials, and Feedback from Camps.

Parent Handbook
"Parent Handbook" – Click here to view our Parent Handbook

What to expect from Reach for the Rainbow:

  • A RFTR Coordinator will arrange a one time meeting with your family to personalize your child’s abilities and needs.
  • Information gathered from your family, school, therapists, and/or other professionals will be compiled and written into an individualized profile for your child.
  • RFTR will share this profile with your prospective camp, and use the information provided to develop strategies with the camp and 1:1 counsellors.
  • RFTR provides each camp with training, on-going resource visits, and any additional equipment required to assist with inclusion (See the Camps & Counsellors section for further information)
  • An invoice will be mailed to your family from RFTR outlining your 1:1 support costs. This fee is calculated based on your camp’s pay scale, and will be used to pay your 1:1 support counsellor’s salary.

New Participant Registration (PDF)



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