What We Do

Since 1983, Reach for the Rainbow, a non-profit organization, has pioneered the integration of children and youth with disabilities into the mainstream of society through overnight, day and community recreation programs throughout Ontario. Our programs provide environments of inclusion for kids and youth while offering much needed respite for parents.

Reach for the Rainbow is an umbrella organization for all disabilities and works in partnership with other disability related charities. We are proud that our programs:

  • Provide a model for effective integration
  • Provide 1:1 support counsellors, mutually supervised and trained by RFTR & partner camps
  • Teach typical children and youth the values of patience, acceptance and understanding
  • Provide programs that are delivering safety, supervision and care
  • Provide respite to the parents and families of children with disabilities
  • Bring friendship and joy to our community of participating children

Working with a variety of Partners in Integration throughout the province of Ontario, Reach for the Rainbow provides integrated recreation, respite and outreach opportunities designed to engage the hearts and minds of all individuals. Our programs encourage environments for typical children and individuals to live, play, work and inspire themselves alongside children and youth with disabilities, creating transformative experiences of belonging. What makes Reach for the Rainbow particularly unique is the fact that we started out and remain today an umbrella for all disabilities – both developmental and physical.


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