Yaroslav’s Story

Kids enjoying the art projects, educational activities and so much more at ROMKids March Break CampMy Experience at one of the REACH Recreational Partners: Royal Ontario Museum – ROMKids March Break Camp

In my experience, I usually don’t go to a Camp during March Break. What I used to do is to go on vacation or stay at home. This year I went to ROMKids March Break Camp because last year my baby sister was born. Her name is Renee. Nowadays, my mom and dad are working full-time and are very busy. During March Break my mom was visiting the Nursery and Daycare Centre for my baby sister. She hoped that it was a very nice place to put my sister in.

One evening at the dinner table before camp, I heard about something pretty unusual. My mom said that one of the counsellors wanted to talk to me. Her name was Sarah. She called my mom’s cell. The reason she wanted to call me, because she was going to tell me about exciting things that I would be doing at camp. Mom gave the phone to me. Sarah asked me all of those questions. I was very excited. The schedule of the activities of the daily routine sounded perfect.

On my first day, my dad took me to the ROM for camp. We took the subway on Line 1 from Finch station to Museum station. When I arrived the first thing we did was go watch some films in the ROM theatre. They were enjoyable. After that we went to the mythology exhibits to learn about ancient heroes. I heard the stories about these ancient heroes. Next, we had some free time to look around the exhibit. Third, we had a morning snack at the ROM cafe. I enjoyed my snack very happily. It was a granola bar. Fourth, we did an art activity. Fifth, we ate lunch at a certain activity room. When we finished our lunches before the sixth period at 1:00 pm we watched a part of the movie called Tangled. In sixth period, we went into another exhibit, which was ancient mythology. Next, we ate our afternoon snack. My snack was a very yummy and delicious fruit. Finally, for the last period of the day we did another art activity. After the art activity we went home or the Extended Care.

On Wednesday, my dad took me to the ROM camp for the third day with the usual morning routine of the day for my camp. During the morning snack period, Corrina Reid, one of my mom’s co-workers at the Etobicoke REACH Office, came to visit me at the cafeteria at ROMKids March Break Camp. One of my counsellors was talking to her about how the camp was going.

On Thursday, I worked on an art project in the afternoon. It was a picture of a street, a house, a car and a truck. That picture was in a rural area or a village. The second cool thing I did on Thursday was to help a little kid from another camp group wash his hands. He couldn’t reach the soap. I helped him, so he could wash his hands.

One afternoon for our Arts and Crafts activity we had a competition about the best paper boat which could float with as many coins it can hold. Our team was Team Maple, Oak, and Birch. Two of the boats of our team did very well. My boat won the competition. It was awesome!

Another art project was to turn an average notebook into ancient or cool book. The materials I used were foam, acrylic paint, a bookmark made out of a red ribbon and a sharpie. I like spy stories, so I made a character for my story. My book was about a secret agent named Agent Y101. How did I get the idea of Y101? As most people know there were movies about James Bond, a British spy, whose code name was Agent 101. The additional Y in front of 101 is the first letter of my name.

We did lots of cool things at ROMKids Camp during March Break! One of my favorite things during the week at camp was learning about ancient mythology. I learned about Gilgamesh, a hero and a king in the early civilizations in the Middle East. He was a king who was good at everything. When he became good at everything, he got really bored and wanted to do something different. Then one day he thought that he could go on a heroic journey with his best friend. Later after his mission he wasn’t bored anymore.

Finally, I made some friends over the week. Their names were Shan and Joshua. At the end of each day I was in the Extended Care. My friend Joshua was in it too. I was usually picked up at 5:30 pm. On Friday, when my dad picked me up I told him about the entire week. He was very happy to hear it! I got to bring some of our art projects home!

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