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Nothing is out of REACH.

REACH beyond.

REACH Connects Families to Inclusive Recreational Programs

REACH celebrates differences, overcomes challenges and advocates for the rights of youth with special needs. All young people deserve to be active participants in their communities. This is the foundation for acceptance, healthy relationships, developing life skills.This is fundamental for a productive, fulfilling and happy life…

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REACH develops integrated, inclusive recreational opportunities to enrich the lives of children and youth with special needs, their families and their communities. This can only be achieved in an environment of awareness, acceptance and compassion, where children can mature alongside their peers. We see a future where all children with special needs will enjoy, without limitation, every opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Nothing is out of REACH.

REACH does…

REACH provides opportunities for children, youth and young adults with special needs to be included at organized children’s camps and in recreational programs across Ontario

REACH needs…

We can’t do this alone. REACH is 100% self-funded. We do not receive government or agency support. With an ever-increasing need and extensive wait-list, we depend on partnerships and the generosity of corporate, service groups, foundations and individuals. Through event corporate sponsorship, contributions and product donations the REACH Fundraising Department is able to work with CSR teams to create strong alliances, and maximize exposure with mutually beneficial outcomes.

REACH beyond.