Who We Are

It has been my privilege and honour to lead this amazing organization over the past two years and there is such a sense of accomplishment when I look back on the efforts of so many people who make us the success we are today. It has taken an entire team of over 200 dedicated and passionate people to ensure we accomplished what we set out to do. Our team includes the Board of Directors, our amazing event volunteers, the volunteer advisory committees, our families, funders and of course our passionate professional staff. Each a critical element to the success of Reach for the Rainbow and all should be commended for their dedication, commitment and significant contributions.

Reach for the Rainbow (Reach) has been advocating for inclusion and accommodation of people with disabilities long before the introduction of the Ontario Human Rights Code in 1990. We have emphasized respect and dignity when including participants in programs with their peers...

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What We Do

Since 1983, Reach for the Rainbow, a not-for-profit organization, has pioneered the integration of children and youth with disabilities into the mainstream of society through overnight, day and community recreation programs throughout Ontario. Our programs provide environments of inclusion for kids and youth while offering much needed respite for parents.

Reach for the Rainbow is an umbrella organization for all disabilities and works in partnership with other disability related charities. We are proud that our programs:

Provide a model for effective integration
Provide one to one trained support workers


Why It’s Critical

Working with a variety of Partners in Integration throughout the province of Ontario, Reach for the Rainbow provides integrated recreation, respite and outreach opportunities designed to engage the hearts and minds of all individuals. Our programs encourage environments for typical children and individuals to live, play, work and inspire themselves alongside children and youth with disabilities creating transformative experiences of belonging...


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